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What is a Parliamentarian? 
   A parliamentarian is a consultant who advises the president, other officers, committees and members of an organization on matters of parliamentary procedure. 


 What is Parliamentary Procedure?
   It is a set of rules for the conduct of business during meetings which allows everyone to be heard and which enables decisions to be made without any undue confusion.  Parliamentary procedure protects the voice and rights of the minority while establishing the will of the majority.  


 Parliamentary History
   The earliest rules of parliamentary procedure came to America with the colonists and were based on meeting rules used by the British Parliament.  But meeting rules varied from one society to another, which created confusion.  Shortly after the Civil War, Henry M. Robert standardized meeting rules into his first book on parliamentary procedure.  The 12th Edition of his book, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, is the parliamentary authority used by many organizations today.


The Importance of Parliamentary Procedure


   Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th Edition, contains a time-tested method of conducting business in meetings.  These rules can be adapted to the needs of  organizations and should be taught to members so that meetings are efficient and effective.


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